Annapolis Psychotherapy Arts

        Joy Teitelbaum, LCSW-C

          Licensed Psychotherapist

104 Forbes St., Suite 205 Annapolis,MD  

             and Severna Park, MD

               Phone: 240-377-6589




If you are looking at my website, you are already on the path towards healing and I honor your effort.

Do you awaken and feel that its hard to get through the day?  Do you feel like no one could possibly understand you?  Do you have racing thoughts, often feel anxious or struggle with other negative emotional states or find that you blame yourself a lot? Do you feel like something is getting in the way of achieving your goals?  Do you feel worthless, unloved or isolated?  Are you having relationship problems, parenting difficulties, anxiety, panic attacks or have recently lost a loved one?  Are you going through a difficult divorce? Do you have job stressors? Do you have chronic pain or disability? Are you taking illegal substances/cutting, binging or purging or using alcohol just to get through the day? Do you experience out of control emotions or emotional instability?   If so, I think I can help. Call me at 240-377-6589 or email me at